Thursday, August 9, 2012

'Fisherman's Beach' and 'Beneath Solungawa'

A boy picks up a .22 rifle in George Vukelich's short story, 'Fisherman's Beach' and learns what is sacred to the people who live on the beach.

In Paul Weidknecht's short story, 'Beneath Solungawa', a boy encounters something strange while camping with his friends.

There's so much more to these short stories, both published in the literary magazine Rosebud's issue 52. It seems like they are trying to prove themselves to someone. They want to show a loved one that they are men or that their disability doesn't affect them. I simply wanted to keep reading these stories. They were told in scenes, so you see the action as you read the story and you feel it as well.  Rosebud Literary Magazine

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